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Secrets Trilogy

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SECRETS TRILOGY Book 1: SAYO by Sherry Derr-Wille

In a time before written history, a young priest, SAYO, learned the fate of his people. Could he do anything to stop it? He prayed he could, but the wheels of fate were in motion.

As an orphan, NOYA became a slave to the high priestess, Dostra. The innocence of childhood was lost with only Sayo to stand in the way of the terrible punishments of her mistress.

SAYO'S attraction to NOYA is a puzzlement, for as a priest and son of the mangods, he is not to have the feelings of mortal men. When he acts on his feelings, he seals NOYA'S fate and hastens the demise of his people.

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SECRETS TRILOGY Book 2: ROUND TREE by Sherry Derr-Wille

Anthropology professor, Jaicee Grant, needs to trade academics for hands on research. When she arrives at Round Tree, she finds more than she bargained for. Not only does the flesh and blood archaeologist, Evan Clark, enamor her but also an ancient love, Sayo, has invaded her mind. They both want her to help them unearth the mysteries of the past, but one of them wants her as a woman as well.

Evan Clark is desperate for money for his dig. When Jaicee Grant makes a large donation, he is stunned. It isn’t until she arrives at Round Tree that he realizes she is a very desirable woman and one who could easily hold the key to unlock the secrets of the past. Once she does, it could become the archaeological find of the new century.

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SECRETS TRILOGY Book 3: UMBA by Sherry Derr-Wille

Leonore Hayes, Leo to her friends, only wants to be allowed to work on an archaeological dig, but being a woman, the headman at UMBA won’t allow her to use the skills she has to offer. When she makes a find that can change the entire project, she finds not only her reputation but also her life in danger.

David Clark wants nothing to do with archaeology. In an attempt to get away from his family, he has been volunteering at a mission in Kenya. On the eve of his going home, his parents enlist his help to validate a new discovery at a project called UMBA on the other side of Kenya from the mission. Once there, he realizes that Leo has found something that could change the archeological world as well as David forever.

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