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Over The Hill Series

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Gwen thought that what happened in Vietnam stayed in Vietnam, but when Chuck came to Minter, the flood gates opened and the secrets she thought would never be told came to the forefront.

When Chuck came to Minter the last person he expected to see was Gwen. As soon as she saw Gwen’s daughter, Chere, he knew she was his daughter, but did she know it as well? He doubted it.

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BIKER'S BRIDE by Sherry Derr-Wille
Encore L'Amour

Sue Watkins was resigned to the life she led until she met Russ Trapp. He was much younger than she was and rode a Harley Davidson to boot. How could he possibly be interested in someone like her, especially since he had to know that Danny would be with her for the rest of her life.

Russ saw Sue at the bowling alley and was captivated by her. When he told his friends that she was the woman he wanted in his life, they could hardly believe it. As Minter’s most eligible bachelor, how could he settle for someone who was almost old enough to be his mother?

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Encore L'Amour

Jayne Algrim is about to start her life as a pastor. When the call comes from Minter, she is on her way to a new start in a new town.

Jim Preston has mourned his late wife, Meg. When he decides to live again, he runs into a woman who is about to change his life.

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HELLO, DO YOU KNOW ME? by Sherry Derr-Wille

Vietnam took Jerry Fellows away from Minter, WI and returned him in a body bag. Thirty-five years later Matt Bratzman begins to remember a life he lived before he went to Vietnam. In that life he was Jerry Fellows. When DNA testing proves he isn’t Matt, he returns to Minter to find out the truth about who is buried in the grave with the name Jerry Fellows on the marker?

Thirty-five years ago, on Christmas Eve, Betsy Connor received a call telling her that her husband was dead. Now widowed for a second time, she receives a Christmas Eve call from the man who was her first love. Can it be possible or is it a clever con game?




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Kate Armstrong can’t believe that the jerky jock from high school who gave her fits, could ever walk back into her life.

Denny never expected an old classmate to turn up in his classroom or that she could light such a flame under him.

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COFFEE, TEA or LOVE by Sherry Derr-Wille
Encore L’Amour Contemporary - Released 12/1/03 Wings ePress

The one secret Lane Allerton thought would be kept forever came to town with Grant Price. Grant could hardly believe his eyes when he recognized Lane. With the one true love of his life standing in front of him, he wondered how he could tell her about their son, who found him years earlier.
Tension and tender lovemaking alternate, until at last Lane is reunited not only with her first love, but also the sun she gave away 34 years earlier.

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A PRECIOUS JEWEL by Sherry Derr-Wille
Encore L’Amour Contemporary - Released 7/1/04 Wings ePress

Julie Weston asks Devan Yates to spend the night with her on New Years’s Eve, and her life turns suddenly upside down. Devan never imagined his best friend from high school would become his lover. When fate tears them apart, he knows he has lost more than a casual acquaintance, he’s lost the only woman he ever loved…and getting her back will be quite a challenge.

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HER TENANT by Sherry Derr-Wille
Encore L’Amour Contemporary - Released 7/1/05 Wings ePress

Dee Williams has a duplex to rent, but whom does she want for a tenant? It certainly isn’t the handsome Bryce Devlin who not only rents her duplex but also steals her heart. With complications ranging from outraged children, to a jealous ex-husband, to the meddling ghost of her mother, Dee has her hands full. Even the doorway between the garages turns into a bone of contention.

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