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This is like Tupperware with a literary twist. A little wine, a little cheese; a little desert a little coffee and a whole lot of fun.

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Alice Blue - Wisconsin Romance Western Author


Bettina Winthrop means to avenge her deceased innocent husband, Buckley, who was hung by masked vigilantes. When those same vigilantes threaten her only sister, Agatha Blackstone, Bettina hides her from the local sheriff, and everyone else in order to save her. She uses her considerable skill with a 44.40 rifle to hunt winter game as well as keep the hangmanís noose from robbing her of her only family.
With handsome, gray-eyed, Sheriff William Coble insistent on protecting Bettina from suspected vigilante, Jake Skinner, Bettina finds it impossible not to remind herself that Buck has been gone two years and life must go on. Bill is only too happy to speed along her recovery process, and also to help prove Agatha innocent, and on her way, so he and Bettina can continue with their own lives.

In the1880s Lucille Martin revolts against men who will not allow women to vote or own property. In spite of all her work at home her brother inherits the family farm, so, possessing a teaching degree, she finds it easy enough to leave her family. A tall woman, with a masculine occupation, she joins a wagon train to Wyoming, where women have the privileges she covets.
The wagon train members are captured and kept as prisoners. Their outlaw captors claim the property legally belonging to the members. Lucille is forced to cook in the outlaws' restaurant and watch the property meant to be hers snatched up by a man named Gorman, whom she assumes is one of the outlaws.
Gorman sets out to prove his innocence, while Corey Black, outlaw and killer, gamble for the women in town. Lucille must work hard to protect her friends.
Together Lucille and Gorman fight to reclaim the valley, but he is wounded. Then he escapes with his friends and Lucille must decide if she will accept him if or when he ever returns.

Wisconsin 1886
After years of abuse from her husband Rudolf, Letty Schultz is pushed to the edge. In order to protect her son from his father, she hits Rudolf over the head with a skillet. Believing she's killed him, she runs with her children. Together, they float down the Rock River in a rowboat. Letty plans to seek shelter with her brother Ed in Colorado. Along the way, Letty and her family are pursued by the authorities, join a mule train, survive a cattle stampede along with a treacherous mud slide down a mountain.
Attorney David Whitfield, widower and Letty's first love, visits Ed and promises to do everything he can to see to it that Letty and her children are safe and cared for. After he leaves, Rudolf arrives with stitches in his head, determined to take his family home.
After everything she and her children have been through, Letty is determined not to live her life in fear. But can she ever have true love with a man who will treat her right?

Jason McQuade is an ex-outlaw, but he's determined to reform his life and pay for all the wrong he's done. When he wins the deed to the Bar W Ranch in a hand of poker, he sees his chance to settle down and earn an honest living. But the property has enormous debts and Brand Kingsford--a man who runs a lot of cattle and owns a lot of land--has a stake in the ranch. He won't give it up without a fight.
Vanessa Chamberlain is furious at the man who took away their home. Is Jason angel or outlaw? she wonders when she finds out her father gambled away the ranch to save it from Kingsford's clutches.
Jason is determined to keep the Bar W and turn it around. Since the first time he saw the ranch,--and Vanessa--he feels like he's home. But can the widow of a lawman ever love a former outlaw?


The Bayer folks have sent their three sons to Utah in search of a rare, precious gem--the opal. As soon as they step off the train and find themselves in an unexpected fist-fight, Luke Bayer realizes that Ma and Pop have something sneaky up their marriage-minded sleeves. The only opals in sight are of the warm-bodied persuasion: Opal Louise Ness, Deena Sue Opalla and Melinda Opal Cooke. The Bayer boys' are about to discover which opals are the kind worth pursuing.




Sherry Derr-Wille - Wisconsin Romance Author


Becky Larsonís childhood came to an end when the war between states took her brothers from their Illinois farm. It isnít until Joe Kemmerman become her patient that she realizes she is no longer a child but a woman in love.
Joe Kemmerman realized how foolish going to war was when he become a prisoner of the Yankees. With pneumonia threatening his life he is taken to the Larson farm. There he finds the woman of his dreams. In a second fight between North and South he must make her brothers realize love is more important than politics.

Solveig, Anne, and Libby each grow up in a different time and place, with different values. Solveigís story begins the journey of the Jorgenson family as they immigrate from Norway and try to fit into the unfamiliar surroundings of New Oslo, Minnesota. With the arrival of their first American-born child, Anne, the Jorgensonís lives begin to unravel.
An outsider in her own family for all of her life, Anne Jorgenson doesnít understand why her parents donít love her. Fame only widens the gap she feels. When her oldest brother, Karl, takes the first step toward reconciliation, Anne is guardedly receptive. It takes an accident involving Anneís daughter, Libby, to finally bring Anne back to Minnesota, in an attempt to heal past hurts and reunite a family torn apart by their differences.

Finding her birth family was Kathy Dunstadís dream. When they found her it became more or a nightmare. Not only have they left her a wealthy woman, but also she must contend with skeletons in the closet as well as ghosts in the living room.
Once she comes to grips with the dead, she must then deal with the living. Thereís more to consider than just her birth motherís family that offers financial stability. There is also her birth father that wants to give her emotional stability as well.

The one secret Lane Allerton thought would be kept forever came to town with Grant Price. Grant could hardly believe his eyes when he recognized Lane. With the one true love of his life standing in front of him, he wondered how he could tell her about their son, who found him years earlier.
Tension and tender lovemaking alternate, until at last Lane is reunited not only with her first love, but also the son she gave away 35 years earlier.

Lori Carter has been to hell and back and when she agrees to a blind date she insists he cannot know about her transplant. For one night she wants to be like everyone else and not the bionic woman.
Kent Saunders canít believe a beautiful girl like Lori isnít involved with someone. Until he learns the secret she has kept from him, he wants her in his life on a permanent basis.

With her life threatened by a serial killer, Dani Karr ran to the only place she felt secure, Karrís Port. The retirement home that had belonged to her parents, sat in a secluded trailer park. There she could hide among the older residents and not have to face the inevitable. Hugh Anderson only wanted to get the new owner of Karrís Port to sell the trailer to him. He certainly didnít expect to become embroiled in a manhunt for the killer responsible for the only case heíd left unsolved when he left the Atlanta Police Force. He also didnít expect Jeremy Stoneís latest victim to be someone with whom he could easily fall in.

In a time before recorded history, a young untried priest named Sayo began his rule. With the promise his life would be different from all his predicessors, he learned the forbidden language of writing from his Man of God father, Zandar.
Sayo cannot understand the strange attraction he feels for the slave girl, Noya. It cannot be love, because those of the gods are incapable of such emotions.
Noya loves the handsome young priest, Sayo, with all her heart. How can she ever survive being in the House of Pleasures when all she wants is to be in Sayo's arms?

When Kit Lancer made the trip from Madison to Peoria for an Indian pow-wow, she never expected to find herself in an ancient Indian village with an ancient people. Transported through time by a bolt of lightning and a crack of thunder, she soon realizes she cannot return to the twenty-first century and the life she once led.
Atiko, is surprised to find a strange woman lying on the beach below the bluff where he is standing. He is awed by this Spirit Woman from the future and soon finds himself hopelessly in love with her. When fate rips her from his arms he realizes he will do anything to make her his own, including giving up his freedom.

Snapping Turtle knew Makisa would be his wife the first time he saw her. His only problem was, how could he make the daughter of a Shaman fall in love with a willing captive amongst her people?
Although promised to another, Makisa felt the pull of her heartstrings when she first saw Snapping Turtle. It didnít matter if he was a captive, or a free man, he made her feel differently than she had ever felt before. When her promised husband is banished because of his treatment of her, she turns to Snapping Turtle for love and security.
With their marriage, and the child that is coming with the changing color of the leaves, one more obstacle stands in the way of their happiness. With the return of the buffalo, so will Makisaís brother, Atiko, and Snapping Turtleís brother, Hawk, return. Can their love stand the test of family loyalty?

When Julie Weston asks Devan Yates to spend the night with her on New Years Eve, she doesnít realize that within a matter of hours her life will be turned upside down.
Devan never thought that his best friend from high school would become his lover. When fate tears them apart, he knows he has lost more than someone he casually went to be with, he has lost the only woman he really loved. Getting her back will be a challenge.

Dave Whitley is shocked to find the new owner of the Lazy K ranch, BJ Kemmerman, is very much a woman. His resolve to leave as soon as he learns her identity is thwarted when she reminds him of the five year contract he signed only months earlier.
BJ is a woman taking on a manís world when all she really wants is Whitís love and respect.

Philadelphia lawyer comes to an abrupt halt when God calls him to preach the Gospel. Nothing in David's training has prepared him for the set-in-their-ways congregation of his first church in Mortonville--to say nothing of the church pianist and her immediate affect on him.
As Mortonville's dyed-in-the-wool old maid, Hattie Fairchild's one act of defiance is to play piano for the church and to read novels during the sermons. Never in her wildest dreams does she ever envision the new minister turning her life upside down.

With a hangman's noose looming in his future, the last thing Gary Tyler needs is to have his uncle David Long spouting Scripture at him. What he needs more is the man of God's prior expertise in the courtroom.
Clara Otto can't believe it when the jury finds Gary innocent of murder and sentences him to five years of being under the watchful eye of Sheriff Russ Martin. Even more unbelievable is when her grandfather brings Gary into their home because he sees the good in this outlaw's son. How can Clara live with an unbeliever in the spare bedroom? She can't understand or even imagine her grandfather's reasoning...or what God has planned for her own life.

That question plagues Jesse Tyler from the moment she opens her eyes following her escape from her father's outlaw gang. Facing life as an invalid, she knows her feelings for the sheriff are all wrong, but she can't help wanting to be loved by Sheriff Russ Martin, a man who has more reason to hate her family than anyone else.
Russ can't believe his instant attraction to Jesse Tyler. When her father's gang killed Russ's first wife in Oklahoma, all he wanted to do was see a Tyler hang. With that as his primary objective, everything else in his life was meaningless, including his relationship with God. With Jesse in his life now, can Russ again learn to love not only her but God as well?


Diamond Magee, Di to her friends, has returned to Minter after 30 years. Kate is more than willing to set Di up with her brother-in-law, Mel, on a blind date. When Di takes over Mel's Christmas shop to be run year-round, the fur flies.

As adults, Blue Thunder and Lightning Strike, Atiko and Kit’s twin sons, are being tested to see which one will succeed their father as shaman and which will serve Hawk’s village.

At the mounds of the ancients, Lightning’s visions of the past becomes flesh and blood reality in the form of Javion, a woman of the Cahokian people, who has traveled forward in time to avoid being sacrificed.

The forces of nature that saved her life bewilder Javion. Can she adapt to these people and express her love for the handsome young shaman who rescued her?

Thunder’s vision is just as vivid, but the woman who captures his heart is Hawk’s daughter, Graceful Swan. If he is not chosen as shaman for her people, can he give up his life’s calling for the woman he loves?

Destined to die because of the disappearance of his sister prior to her scheduled sacrifice, Jayden is surprised to find that he, too, has traveled through time so that his life could be saved.

When the people who have befriended Javion do likewise for him, he realizes that his life has been saved for a purpose. He soon finds that the daughter of his mentor, Spotted Pony, has become very important to him, but marriage to the girl—who is too young—seems an impossible dream, rather than the all encompassing love of his life.

Shining Star is immediately attracted to the handsome stranger her father has befriended. Will he be willing to wait for her? Or, will a winter of separation show him other maidens more suited to him?

Queen Morgiana is faced with the worst possible of fates. Once she takes the throne, her world will be destroyed. In order to save her people she must marry a man whom she considers beneath her and travel to a new world, a thousand years away.

Sorento has always known who will be his wife. When the Man Gods declare it will be Queen Morgiana, he is beside himself. Even knowing that their union is the only hope for his people, he is concerned for his future with a woman he does not love.

Once in the new world, their love is given the opportunity to grow, but can it take root when two strong willed people occupy the same dwelling? His lack of interest in her and her limited skills where housekeeping are concerned threaten to tear them apart.

Kelly has never had the honor of bring a bridesmaid. Her size would make the bridal party look lopsided. When her cyber friend, Birdie, asks her to come to Arizona to be her maid-of-honor, Kelly jumps at the chance and plans a summer of traveling throughout the West. Little does she know that the man of her dreams will also be in Phoenix.

JK has been in love with Kelly since the first time she logged onto the Big Beautiful People chat. Now he has a chance to meet her, but will she accept him? Having lost over two hundred pounds, he no longer qualifies him to be in the group, but to give it up would mean losing touch with Kelly.

With determination, Kelly decides that if JK can lose the weight, so can she, but what will she do when she returns to Wisconsin and he stays in Los Angeles?

Shari Dare - Wisconsin Torrid/Erotica Romance Author

TORRID ROMANCE is the erotica romance line of WCP. By reading or purchasing any of the Torrid Romance book pages, you are agreeing that you are an adult and at least 18 years old.


When Cilla Kantwell finds herself not only a prisoner but also a bed slave in an exotic household, her first thought is to rebel, but where can she go wearing only a slave collar?
Rajan agrees to the purchase of the first bed slave for his household only to appease his father. His real agenda is to marry Cilla and cherish her forever, but will the strong willed American agree?

Samantha Howard is appalled when her father tells her of her impending marriage to Britmore MacDonald, especially since she must travel from England to the Carolinas for it to happen. How can she possibly give up her lover, Tommy, the stable boy?
Brittmore MacDonald, known as Captín B while he is at sea, is horrified when his mother tells him of the arrangements that have been made for his marriage to Samantha Howard. When his pirate ship raids the Spanish ship she is sailing on, Samantha becomes his to take. Once he has tasted the honey of her lips, he must find a way to get her to his parentsí plantation so that she can become his wife, without letting his parents know what he does once the Merry Lady is out of sight of land.

Three great stories from award-winning authors Shari Dare, Debi Wilder, and Honey Jans! A print only edition of HIS SLAVE by Shari Dare, S.P.A.R. by Debi Wilder and THE GIFT by Honey Jans.

Debbie Fritter - Wisconsin Romance Author


Khristen thought she had landed a plum assignment. Shadoe thought he'd best omit part of the truth.
Will he win the biggest fight of his life and keep her love?

Legacy Through Time is a story portraying such a love so strong that it carried through the Kinsman family from the mid-1860s through generations leading to modern times. A Legacy Through Time takes Emma through three early battles of the American Civil War up to one of the bloodiest days in American history when Royal rescues her at Antietam.


Emerald Braun won't settle for the Knight in Shining Armor and white picket fence. As a young songwriter, she wants to have a hit song. The only way to get her lyrics out there is to pick up and move to Nashville. Utah Sheridan has lived in the shadow of his famous father for most of his life. When his band, the Night Ramblers, get an invitation to perform at the Opry little does he know that on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium is a treasure he never wanted, or expected to find.

Debi Wilder - Wisconsin Torrid/Erotica Romance Author

TORRID ROMANCE is the erotica romance line of WCP. By reading or purchasing any of the Torrid Romance book pages, you are agreeing that you are an adult and at least 18 years old.


S.P.A.R.–Sperm Pollination Alternative Resources–is a government facility organized by the World Law as a way to control the population and species.
Reola Clark is a sperm collection technician who is a product of a pollination between a spermdroid and a uterdroid, or so she thinks. When a mysterious key shows up in one of her collection trays she can’t help but wonder what "PG 101" means. She enlists the help of childhood friend, Stu Whitager to find the answers. Answers that will change her life and the way she views pollination.

Three great stories from award-winning authors Shari Dare, Debi Wilder, and Honey Jans! A print only edition of HIS SLAVE by Shari Dare, S.P.A.R. by Debi Wilder and THE GIFT by Honey Jans.



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